“SELF AND BEYOND” seems, perhaps, the appropriate place to post this link to this discussion about the philosopher Karl Jaspers in which I participated at the Vancouver meeting of the American Philosophical Association in April.


Scroll down the page to find the discussion of Professor Matthias Bormuth’s book, Life Conduct in Modern Times, in which I was delighted to participate as commentator and critic. Professor Bormuth’s talk is scholarly yet informal and patently sincere–an unusual man with whom I struck up an almost instant friendship. This is the sort of “I-Thou” encounter one searches for often in vain in professional circles; when one finds the real thing, it is received as a gift. In this case, similar “themes” (“existential codes,” let us say) underwrite what Jasper’s himself referred to as “existential communication.” This–and Jasper’s notion of “hidden transcendence” (a feeling for the sacred in a secular world)–are especially worthy of note.